August 2023

Meeting Date

August 12, 2023

Reporter’s Name

Sr. Rayan

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Angelica, Faiza

Homeschool 101:

No questions/concerns


Planning Your Homeschool

Meeting Notes:

  • Introductions
  • TMH has been started since 2006
  • Questions and Answers
  • Instagram- confessions of a Muslim mom, unschooling advice and tip
  • Create a connection with the child, rather than focusing on classroom management like a teacher is taught
  • For every year the child was in school, it is said to unschool for one month
  • Look into why you are homeschooling. Is it for pleasure, family, society…do it for For Allah. Put your perspective into place, you are not doing it for external reasons, you are doing it for Allah. This helps slow us down and focus on what is important.
  • Dynamics of assessments… We have always been assessed by tests however there are various ways to “test” our children
  • Teachers have the biggest struggles with unschooling
  • Just check for understanding. You don’t need to give them a paper test to figure out their understanding. The best type of learning is guided individual practice and mastery so each child understands their learning.
  • In Ontario, homeschooling is not mandated. For those who need guidance, they can use the Ontario curriculum.
  • This is just the curriculum, you can use the end as a test to see if the child is struggling in a certain area.
  • Focus on the love of learning, this expands their potential in the future. This is where unschooling comes from, it is letting go of these expectations.
  • When children are sparked with this learning, it goes in their core memory. They remember this.
  • Record keeping, Report card – When You need a certain number of learning time in a public school. At high school level, you will have to submit a portfolio, think of it more of a resume.
  • Write down any trips you may have done, brief topics
  • You can make a yearbook for the kids to look back on later
  • You can write an agenda to say you did this today, then you can add in pictures to this. Microsoft One Note is an app you can use
  • Plum planner, you can make custom planners
  • Etsy also has other custom options
  • There is also Launch your Homeschool, a course for Muslim homeschoolers
  • Have a routine instead of a plan or planner. Your job is to make an environment for learning.
  • Even during times where you can’t really teach certain subjects, they are still learning many life skills.
  • Use a planner but use it to write and document what you did at the end of that day
  • Give the kids ownership when they are older, let them write their lessons, you will be surprised they will do more.
  • One of the mentality shifts you will realize is learning takes place throughout the day.
  • We learn everywhere, any time, any where
  • We are so institutionalized, some people still need discipline and structure.
  • Write down what you did from your yearly plan, rather than planning for each day
  • Know your why. Learn about the different homeschooling methodologies
  • We are trying to teach our children to be emotionally regulated, but we also need to assess these things within ourselves.
  • We can’t do it all, we need to learn about ourselves so that we can give that time to our families.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourselves. The kids are watching. When it gets hard, try to imagine your kids in the future, saying my mom did a great job, I want to be like her, rather than them thinking I don’t want to be like her.
  • One recommendation is to continue your growth, pursue yourself. There are good days and bad days, but you have to keep going.
  • A common question that is asked is, are you qualified enough to teach?, you should respond with no but I am connected enough to teach.
  • Prepare an “elevator pitch” if anyone questions why you’re homeschooling and what your qualifications are.
  • You never fail a plan, rather you learn about why you fail a plan. You can alter those plans day by day. From the outside it looks like there is no schedules, but from the inside, every day is a different one.
  • The more you do it, the more you fine tune it.
  • Like a curriculum, it is a tool you use, think of it so that it works for you or change it until it works for you.
  • Balancing a routine when you have many younger ages.
  • Kindergarten is optional in Ontario
  • EarlyOn centers and masjids
  • There’s a curriculum called a Year of Playing Skillfully, its a Christian curriculum but with those removed it’s really good. You can set up the activities and bring them out as needed. It is all play based, activities are designed with teaching letters and other things.
  • Every child is so different, you cannot compare the children. Incorporate the learning into the daily schedule.
  • As your kids get older, you have to show them that you love to learn.
  • Learning happens at any stage, you need the desire to want to learn. Any parent that’s afraid, we can tell them your kid will be fine. You know what doesn’t work. You can’t keep trying the same thing that is not working.
  • What about when homeschooling is not working?
  • Am I able to give my kid the tarbiyya that they need to be well adjusted when they’re older. The learning is such a small fraction of what you want when that kid is older.
  • Be willing to repair the relationship, we all make mistakes.
  • Positive Parenting in a Muslim household- book.
  • The Call of the Wild and Free- book
  • Your biggest challenge to new homeschoolers is what will you do with all that free time.
  • When you don’t know what to do in a moment, just read aloud, connect.
  • Start dissecting that book
  • Outsource, you don’t have to do it all. Ultimately what we want as parents are individuals. 


  • Sr. Munazza Mukri(TMH Member) – Journey of Homeschooler August 26th – Day course and First Steps to Homeschooling – 6 week course
  • Pam Barnhill – Morning Basket, Plan Your Year: Homeschool Planning for Purpose and Peace
  • Trello and Asana Project management programs
  • Unit Study worksheets
  • Our Muslim Homeschool Course – UK Dr. Gemma – Charlotte Mason Style
  • Megan Wyatt – Heart of Homeschooling Course
  • The Ontario Curriculum checklist
  • Esty Planners using Goodnotes 5
  • Plum Planner – Customized Homeschool Planners
  • The Read aloud family
  • Positive Parenting in the Muslim Home – Munira Lekovic Ezzeldine
  • Children around the prophet – Hesham Al-Awadi
  • The Wild & Free, The wild & Free family – Ainsely Arment
  • The Brave Learner – Julie Bogart
  • A year of playing skillfully –  A Year of Playing Skillfully – Digital Version › store

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