December 2022

Meeting Date

December 3, 2022

Reporter’s Name

Angelica Diego Parkhani

Attending Admins

Angelica, Sonia, Sarah, Sajida

Homeschool 101:


    • Find a group or start a co-op even if it’s with just one other family.
    • Don’t overstress, don’t overthink, you are already your child’s educator.
    • Take time for yourself
    • make decisions as a family and work together
    • look into the different homeschooling methods

Recommended Books

    • Hold on to your kids – Gabor Mate
    • The Call of the Wild + Free – Ansley


How to Teach Arabic and Learn the Language Ourselves


Sr. Nichole Graham

Meeting Notes:

  • How to incorporate Arabic in your homeschool
  • How to teach arabic and learn the language
  • Qaida books – learn the letters in all their forms before learning arabic
  • Pronunciation of each word with the tashkeel (focus on short vowels, Sukun etc)
  • Read and write words that have short vowels. Use the quranic words

7 Arabic Steps

    1. Reading: Arabic Books – use Flash Cards
    2. Writing: practice writing with tashkeel, painting, calligraphy, copy work, be creative – Scribe by Learning Roots. You can download a PDF
    3. Listening: Arabic Audio Books – Arabic Podcast storybooks StorytimewithTeta, Arabic Cartoons  – Start at a very young age
    4. Speaking – – make an appointment and speak with someone
    5. Co-op: get friends involved and teach them together, play while learning
    6. Take a course – Al-Kitaab has a course online and textbook –, Journey With Inas
    7. Learn Arabic as a family – BayyinahTV with Nouman Ali Khan
    8. Translation – try translating English books to Arabic
  • Set your intentions and make duaa
  • Arabic Curriculum
  • Read and understand to be able to memorize
  • Quran – Dar Foundation offers free quran for ages 14+


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