July 2023

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July 8, 2023

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Angelica Diego Parkhani

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Homeschool 101:

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Homeschooling Open Chat

Meeting Notes:

Is homeschooling regulated by the Government?

Visit: https://ontariohomeschool.org/legal/ 


Find your own learning style – Homeschooling has its own rhythm depending on your family lifestyle and child’s learning style

First learn to: 

Unschool your children for better transition into your homeschool schedule 

Mothers should Learn something too – model learning for your children, fill your cup as your energy for teaching and caring for your children will be better

Figure out your why as parent and create a manifesto / mission statement for your homeschool and your family. So you can continuously strive for that every day, week, month etc. 

Homeschool goals and reason is – preparing them for life, having a strong foundation 

Every relationship in the home or outside the home is important. We as parents have a huge impact, groom children to influence society instead of society is influencing them

Masjid Vaughan Lecture – Raising children – quote location 13:50


“We as parents have a huge impact, groom children to influence society instead of society is influencing them”

Dads being supportive in homeschooling 

Allah created each child differently, don’t compare children or siblings 


HS Multiple children topic:

Work on progress, 

Rely on Allah – he will get you through it 

Take time for yourself in the morning 

Need Patience 

If you’re intentions are pure, it will come back to you in rewards


How do you navigate family who is negative and not supportive in HS

  • don’t be defensive, don’t turn their decisions down

  • Be an example 

  • HS is a privilege given by Allah, a gift 

  • Hold on to the humility

  • Don’t expose your blessings

  • Be patient and be humble 

  • Have a supportive spouse 

  • Focus on your character / Akhlaq

  • Freedom to your schedule – instead of structure school 

  • Reason to get up in the morning 

  • Give children best character, childhood, be present with them

What tips would you give to new homeschoolers?

  • Patience it will lead to results 

  • Dua, Reliance to Allah, have pure intentions,  

  • Don’t come in an angle of defensiveness when explaining to others your reason for homeschooling

  • Gauge your audience – 3 types of people – pounce combative mode, genuinely curious,  really interested – want to HS – dawah – In some level and circumstances, it looks like it is – Wajib to homeschool due to the environment children are being exposed to

  • Responding to family or friends – create a response and Rehearse it! 

  • “why you’re doing, what you’re doing…” 

How do you get started and how do you know what you’re doing is grade appropriate? 

An example can be checking the 

Ontario Curriculum https://thecanadianhomeschooler.com/ontario-elementary-level-curriculum-checklists/


How do you get a child’s grade? 

In different Curriculums, there are end of the chapter tests that you can have your child do, and use that as a testing level. To see where they need to improve or know which areas they know well.


General Tips: 

Having a routine around your day, week will help a child transition to homeschooling lifestyle

Speaking Languages – get kids to speak and write in that language

Find co-ops that that are geared towards subjects like history, geography, languages, especially if they’re not your strong subjects

If a child is not ready to write letters and numbers, find creative ways for them.  A child doesn’t like to write – use number stamps.


What does a routine day look like? 

Every home will be different. Some likes to wake up early or have a slower morning so they wake up later – Create a rhythm / 

Routine that works for you 

Examples – block timing depending on subjects 

Or create subjects around prayer time – before and after prayer times.

Math, Language arts, Zhuhr, Lunch, Play time, Science, Asr, etc. 


How do you Socialize with other kids? 

Find programs like –

  • early ons
  • Extra curricular – art, sports, etc
  • Interest changes with different ages 

Allah created each child’s character differently 


“Achieve your goals in silence, let success be your noise” – Frank Ocean 



  • Wild and Free
  • Wild and Free Family 
  • Read aloud family 
  • Moore – Early years, Narration 
  • The whole Brain child – Daniel Siegel 
  • Saxon math independent study

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