October 2023

Meeting Date

October 14, 2023

Reporter’s Name

Angelica Diego-Parkhani

Attending Admins


Homeschool 101:

TMH introductions followed by reflecting on Palestine as a collective issue, importance of Dua and making dua with our children

  • Partnering with Kalil Centre to offer more support


How to DIY Your Ideas & Execute Your Plans


Sr. Salam & Sr. Nadia

Meeting Notes:

Homeschooling looks different for everyone 

  • Different methodologies (i.e. Montessori, Waldorf, printables)
  • The importance of DIY-ing something with your children that you can use together, it actually helps encourages them to respect the material more 


Navigating homeschooling on a budget

  • Have a plan, be strategic 
  • Think about which resources are available around you (i.e. dollarama, dollar tree, micahel’s!!)
  • Think about diy-ing stuff that are too pricey or stuff that are not readily available
  • DIY-ing gives you a voice (i.e. incorporating a Palestinian flag on a Montessori map which is not currently part of the set) 
  • Find moms in the HS chat group to split large bulk orders


When NOT to DIY:

  • Always look at second hand options (i.e. Facebook Marketplace)
  • Try sites like Temu and AliExpress 
  • Montessori printshop as a cheaper option 
  • Valuing your time – understanding the cost of materials and your time, if it’s cheaper to purchase, then purchase it from other suppliers
  • Buying in bulk as a group 
  • Prioritize buying good books as part of your homeschooling budget 


***Meeting proceeded into a DIY workshop where smalls groups discussed DIY projects depending on different age groups and subjects***


  • Chameleon pen reader – storybooks – multi-lingual readers 
  • https://wasecabiomes.org/products/waseca-reading-program
  • Laminating machine – Amazon or Costco
  • Paper cutter 
  • Michael’s 40% off coupons 
  • TMH Buy&Sell – if moms are selling/giving away their DIY products
  • Dollarama 
  • Dollar tree

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