September 2023

Meeting Date

September 9, 2023

Reporter’s Name

Angelica Diego-Parkhani

Attending Admins


Homeschool 101:

No questions/concerns


Homeschool Styles

Meeting Notes:

Homeschool co-ops

-lead mother(s)

-weekly meeting

-choose topic



Homeschool Philosophy 


Traditional – School at home – workbook quizzes schedules, tests(eqao) School set up, curriculum

      Con : Expensive , timeline, limitations, mental strain


Classical – Trivium Method Living books, memorization, Arabic, grammer, copywork

Outline the child’s education through literature

Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric


Charlotte Mason – 1900 Educator  (exploration of child’s interest)

-Living book,

-habit training, 

-nature study, 

-education and 

-environment , 

-discipline , 

-Academics subjects, 


-short lessons


Unit Study – Specific theme Perfect for H.S multiple age groups

 (ie – Volcanoes  – copywork, craft, History etc.)

Unschool – Led to learn natural curiosity of child , interest led , inspiration 

John Holt 


Montessori – creating environment self directed learning, play based, experiences and not being taught, multi age classroom

Practical life skills, Math, cultural, science

Child is independent learner


Waldorf – Head Heart Hands, Whole child Education 

Pro Academic/Art combination
Not competitive

Natural Toys, Skills, Beeswax, crayons

Avoid Technology

Eclectic – Combination of all philosophies

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